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Our process starts with reviewing your website. We check to see if it will adhere to the strict rules we have developed for our strategy. If it doesn't don't worry many of our packages include a complete website upgrade.

We then start developing content ideas with you. We use mediums such as eye catching photos, video and posts. We study your site analytics and continue to evolve our strategy. The most important thing is that we make sure your content is used to it's fullest potential by syndicating and monitoring the world wide web for opportunities.

It sounds great, doesn't it? What are you waiting for?

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So what do you do exactly?

  • Review your website.
  • Work with you to develop content on a weekly basis.
  • Publish your content and syndicate it throughout the world wide web.
  • Study your analytics and alter the strategy for the best results.
  • Monitor your social networks 24x7 for opportunities that arise.
  • Host all your emails.
  • Promote your business.
  • Promote business milestones ie press release, advertisments world wide instantly.
  • Create and maintain your profile within social media networks.
  • Create a competitive advantage for your company.
  • Build exposure to your company/brand.
  • Provide you with monthly statistics.
  • Maximise your return on marketing investments.
  • Plus much more...
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